What, why, where, when, How of my webLog?

Why start a blog?

Well, I don't really have a good reason other than just logging my general stuff which I think is better done on its own website rather than shoved down everyone's throats, and this is mostly a emotionalised thing than a rational one, I think having some place which is more easily accessible for me to document and make available via web search is a goal I want to reach for.

Why use your own site?

Honestly? Tired of social media, my presence as I write this is limited to Discord, and Pleroma (Fediverse) really, and Youtube since apparently people consider that a social media? I have tried Tumblr, and its nice, but maybe its just my perception? But, I find I can't feel it when I write there, micro blogging like Pleroma, or Twitter are not for me, writing on there makes me feel like an attention grabber, and even though I am more comfortable on Pleroma, I think that is not best for stuff I want to be able to be documented in case somebody wants to look up something I also had looked up in the past.

Why use Pelican and Neocities?

Pelican is the static site generator I have the most contact with, I have previously worked with HUGO, but working in the Debian Publicity team, I have had more personal contact with pelican and am somewhat more confident I can make the process of getting my thoughts onto this log easier with Pelican. As for neocities, I would love to host it myself, but lacking a wired uplink to the internet, and spare hardware, I think its better for myself to use neocities, I do have an ECS instance on Alibaba's hosting service, but I plan on using that for another project, and think this is easier to manage, also I am not really able to register a domain so this is an easier solution, though hopefully I can move over to my own hardware someday!

Why write all of this?

Mostly just justification to myself to be completely honest, I have had this pelican skeleton ready for more than a week now I believe? and am only getting around to actually writing this now, I am still not sure if I should be doing this, I have a fair few concerns, mostly about abandoning this eventually, and my privacy, though I assume this will also remain irrelvant and not come up ever in my life, but, who knows.

Final Question, What?

Well, mostly just compiling stuff I had to look stuff up on likely, this blog doesn't exactly have a set topic, I will probably meander through whatever I am currently interested or fascinated with, but a lot of it is likely going to be covering something like, the swedish band I like who have disappered off of the face of the earth and I found no coverage other than having to look through the internet archive to find that yes infact, they used to exist, make that sort of niche information I find myself looking up, more accessible to the next person on the trail.

Parting words

Another pretentious answer I came up with while pondering if I should start this was of justifying it with wanting a more decentralised internet, and while that is a cause I support, I do actually think moving away from the 5 internet platforms we all use might be a good way to decentralise? I was glancing through the neocities blog and it mentioned the centralising nature of the internet, and that is true, but moving away from that might be useful? even if those platforms change to be decentralised platforms federating together, I think it might be cool if we still had outliers, I don't believe I will be one, but might be cool. Also something I would like to note, I really hope that this is swooped up and used for any sort of Machine Learning projects, I hope for this to be free content, but I don't wish for it be used for training language models which make no contribution to the actual advancement of human society.

Welcome to the webLog!